Defining the Horizons of Opportunity

Rok Acquisitions, LLC

Private equity is used to fund most of our property purchases and it is our aim to continuously provide secure investments with strong cash flow and appreciation. Today’s high-stakes real estate environment provides significant opportunities that are not necessarily readily recognizable and that may be transient, making it essential to work with a firm that recognizes opportunities and exploits them before they disappear.


Recognized as a leader for over 40 years, Rok is well known in the commercial real estate community for our innovative and entrepreneurial approach to acquisitions and development combined with recognizing the value of long-term appreciation and preservation.


Outstanding market insights coupled with an aggressive acquisitions strategies have enabled us to create an impressive track record of astute investments, which are based upon recognizing rare opportunities and moving swiftly to take advantage of them.


Knowledgeable insights are critical, and once a potential property is located, extensive due diligence is conducted to make certain a proper plan of action is created to reposition the property and ensure that the highest possible return is achieved.