Our Mission

The Rok mission is to maintain the highest standard of quality in every area of operation and to have an outstanding team of skilled, experienced and creative professionals, leading to sophisticated operational procedures that result in consistent growth and success.

We are a private, well-capitalized real estate investment group based in downtown Miami, Florida. With over 40 years of experience, we have been involved with all facets of real estate property ownership, including the acquisition, development and management of properties across many different product types.

Our robust and diversified portfolio includes a range of properties, including commercial and retail space, institutional-quality multi-family properties, storage and warehouse facilities, historic buildings, and vacant land under development.In addition to building our current real estate portfolio, we are aggressively pursuing acquisition opportunities of both notes and mortgages as well as fee simple transactions. We have the ability to underwrite the most sophisticated and complex transactions and to move quickly to acquire them.